5 SUPER Productivity Hacks To Keep You FOCUSED

5 SUPER Productivity Hacks To Keep You FOCUSED

We all know how that time is a limited resource. We all have 24 hours a day, yet there are many people who produce top quality work within a short time. They use their time efficiently, have little distractions and highly focused. Yet on the flipside, there are hoards of people who struggle to do the same. What makes the difference? How do the ultra-productive get so productive?

There are many ways to keep your productivity top notch. But I find that simplicity and minimalism the best way to be very efficient and highly productive. Most people have no idea that they are the cause of their own unproductivity. In this post, I will reveal my simple super productivity hacks that have helped me keep focused.

1. Pre-prepare for the next day/task/meeting

Being prepared can increase your daily productivity. Off-course you can’t prepare for everything, but you can certainly prepare for most things. Ask any soldier who is going to war about being sufficiently prepared for what lies ahead, and you will know the importance of preparation.

Got a meeting then get to know the start time, room and the subject matter. Oh and keep meetings really short (30 minutes, anything above that is just brain-sapping!). Keep a log of task you need to accomplish for each day – and focus on those task for that day. Off-course if you finish all your task and goals for the day and you have sufficient time to do the next bunch of task, by all means proceed.

Document your repeatable tasks and automate them as much as possible. And whenever possible delegate some tasks.

2. Cut out the “noise”

“Noise”…nope not that quick chat with your colleague or boss, but the “noise” that causes drama and perhaps inability to focus – yeah that’s the one I am talking about. “Noise” can impair your productivity and perhaps your judgement. Some people work well with noise, but most people’s productivity is short-circuited by the following kinds of “noise”:

  • WhatsApp/Skype/SMS messages
  • Facebook/Twitter notifications
  • The sports/news channel that’s on the office tv
  • The endless phone calls
  • office meetings

If you find that you have these kinds of “noise” distracting you, cut them out. Remove the impediments. Your mobile phone can be switch off or airplane mode can be turned on – yes airplane mode is not just to be used while you’re on a aeroplane.

3. Stand Up & Work

Sitting 6-10 hours per day is detrimental to you help in the long term. There are many effects caused by prolonged sitting ranging from organ damage (heart disease, overproductive pancreas, colon cancer), strained neck, bad backs, muscle degeneration, leg disorders due to poor blood circulation and soft bones due to lack of body movement. It does not have to be this way, you can simply get a stand-up desk to help nullify the sitting syndrome.

4. Drink FRESH water

Always be hydrated when you are at your workstation. The power of being hydrated should never be underestimated. Dehydration can lead to altered body temperature control, reduced motivation, increased fatigue and make your body movement feel much more difficult in both physically and mentally+.

5. Simplify your workspace – de-clutter

You don’t need all those papers, paper clips, books, pens/pencils, diaries, cables, mobile phone/tablets etc to do your work. Simplicity is way much efficient that those fancy things. One of my pet peeves is cables (headphones cables, laptop cables, chargers…you name them) that seem to get in my way. All you need really is a notebook (with a pen/pencil), your laptop/MacBook/desktop and a bottle of FRESH water. Everything else just clutters and can seriously hamper your efforts. Turn the mobile silence – only answer if really necessary.

Go on, try these hacks and see massive improvement in your productivity. Remember tweek what’s not working for you.

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